The purpose of GOLDEN HEARTS HOME-CARE, LLC is to provide an environment necessary for the highest quality of living for human beings. Residents will be involved in an active treatment plan with our partners, which contributes to their growth and development. These plans will be implemented in the least restrictive environment and as normally as possible in collaboration with the help of the Michigan Department of Human Services, Lakeshore Entity, and NETWORK 180.

Young carer reading book

Mission Statement

Dignity, respect, and compassion are the three core beliefs of GOLDEN HEARTS HOME-CARE, LLC. Because we believe that healthcare and safe living environments are fundamental human rights, we are committed to creating opportunity, solutions, and change, grounded in respect and self-determination for individuals and our community. We ensure quality cognitive, behavioral, and physical support programs for those in need.

Vision Statement

The goals of GOLDEN HEARTS HOME-CARE, LLC are to provide specialized services and encourage individuals to develop skills, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and independent and maximize social acceptance and potential in society.